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The Boys Are Busy!!!

The boys are keeping themselves busy and making the best of these difficult times. Yesterday Andreas hiked up to the Foglietta with Will and Carla. The Foglietta from the bottom is pretty hard-core and not a freebie so bravo to you all! Today Thomas is heading to the Grand Vallon while Chris and Suzanne are ‘skinning’ up the Mattis. Everyone is walking themselves into great shape and enjoying the freedom of the mountains. And freedom at the moment is pretty hard to come by!

However, there are far too many people in Val d’Isere at the moment who aren’t respecting the Covid-rules. Too many are simply refusing to wear masks! Some of the culprits are abusing the police as well as the lovely girls in the tourist office. I find it difficult to understand how some people just don’t get it? I can understand the frustration but with the new variants lurking you would think people would be more vigilant?

This would have been the girls half-term week in the mountains so I’m trying to not think about that one. We are doing our best to stay positive and fit and we’re all looking forward to some spring weather. Sitting in the sun drinking my coffee sounds better than sitting in the kitchen watching the rain. And hopefully they will open the golf courses again soon. I won’t be able to play until mid-May but I’m looking forward to walking around watching my friends.

I hope you are all coping. Stay positive and we’ll regroup for the 2021-22 season.

Stay tuned!