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The Cost Of Christmas???

The five-day UK Christmas could end up being very costly. There is talk of UK travelers being banned from the EU after January 1st because of unacceptable ‘Covid’ numbers. The EU is frightened of the affect of the five-day relaxation of social distancing during the Christmas period. And combine that with the University migration the Covid numbers are predictably going to soar. This will be a EU decision and we should know more soon.

Macron is addressing the Nation tonight. The French should learn if their lockdown will be eased as promised or perhaps extended? The travel ban should expire on December 15th which would allow Val d’Isere to open on the 18th. (Without lifts, bars and restaurants) Hopefully things will be made clearer tonight as everyone is sick of the uncertainty and the rules being changed every other day. It makes planning for everyone so difficult and dangling a carrot in front of the nose and then whipping it away is becoming draining and frustrating. I’ve changed my plans daily for the past two weeks and I still don’t know what I’m going to do!

On a cheerier note Andreas has been ‘skinning’ a few times this week. He’s getting himself into shape in preparation for touring when clients are allowed to arrive in town. So far he’s walked up and skied the Combe du Signal (bloody good effort), ‘skinned’ to the Col du Palet and today skied the Grattalu in Tignes. He sent me a photo of clear blue skies and bright white snow and it just reminded me of the beautiful light that lifts our spirits during the winter.

I walked around Bramley watching my pals play golf today and the contrast with the weather in Val is like yin and yang. It was grey and misty with moisture in the air compared to crisp, bright and dry! (See photos)

Stay tuned for more news as a lot is happening over the next few days. Fingers crossed!

PS The French lockdown will stop on the 15th but there will be a curfew from 8PM until 6AM.