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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The Girls Are Back!!!

It was great to pick up the girls in Lyon last night (plus Red Ray) and they are very happy to be back in their French home. Thanks very much to Tchenko for lending me his van to make the journey!

Today’s skiing was really very good considering the heat from yesterday. We stayed high and north for the most part and the snow quality was excellent. While we had some bad luck lift-wise yesterday we had a change of fortune today. First off they opened the T-Bar to access the Pays Desert right in front of me. And then they opened the poma out of the Pays Desert for the first time all season. Both lifts saved us a lot of time and energy, and allowed to get in much more skiing.

I took the girls to the gym this afternoon and they’ve passes to cover their trips this season. A couple of people who have never met them before gave me the ‘oh-la-la’ they-look-like-you routine. As Lonnie Donegan once sang in one of his blues numbers, “If I have any children I want them all to look like me”. I can relate Lonnie!

The forecast looks like flat-light tomorrow so I’ll savour today. Stay tuned!