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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The Girls Are Back!!!

I picked up the girls along with Ray last night and due to a wrong turn we had plenty of time to sing along to The Marshall Tucker Band and The Eagles. I would have been incredibly scenic except it was dark but we had a brilliant trip home.

After a late night and because I was feeling pretty beat up with my ribs I took advantage of a blowy flat-light day and spent the morning doing technique on-piste, which I haven’t done in 15-years. Michael, Sylvie, Adam and I had a lovely morning and even stopped for a hot chocolate, which is also a rare occurrence!

The rest of the boys were out there somewhere but I’m not too sure what anyone skied except Chris who skied off the Motte’s Genepy, Combe des Lanches and Familial.

The girls had a quick ski with Ray and after an excellent lunch we are going to decorate the tree before heading to the Danois for Karen and Andreas. See you there and stay tuned as snow is forecast for tonight!