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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The Last Weekend!!!

My plan for today was an update about the Dick’s-T-Bar- days but that is going to take a little while to organise. Dick kindly forwarded a link to his ‘drop-box’ account and I’ve just started to sift through roughly 2000 photos! I’ll do my best to select the most embarrassing photos possible and you can try to guess who’s who?

So What’s Plan B For Today?

With the last weekend of the season looming Plan B is to take you back to last season’s finale. On the Tuesday we skied some great but slightly tricky snow in the Little Lavachet. Next up was a brilliant ski in trackless Sachette couloir. That late in the season powder is always a treat and having a ‘clean’ couloir was a massive bonus. It was a seriously good penultimate morning and everyone was mentally booking their dates for the following year’s closing.

On the Wednesday we had a classic spring morning. We skied off the Tour du Charvet followed by a couple of runs in the Cugnai. The snow was perfectly smooth and spring skiing on big steep slopes is hard to beat. To finish off another wonderful season we skied the  Marmottons/Marmottes and the snow supported beautifully right to the bottom. There were smiles all around and I let out a huge breath as it dawned on me that another season was over.

Today’s photos are all from the last two mornings of the season. But what’s the forecast for what would have been the last weekend? Try 40cm’s of powder!!!

PS I reread yesterday’s blog in bed this morning and found quite a few mistakes. I’ve corrected them and added a few more bits-and-bobs plus another photo. Stay tuned for another update tomorrow and I’ll try to get Dick’s photos organised.

PPS Unfortunately the photos I’d chosen for today won’t upload. Sorry about that as it spoils my plans for the today’s blog but it’s too time consuming to start another.