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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The Pays Desert!!!

It was looking like a potentially problematic morning but we ended up with another fantastic outing. The cloud cover looked menacing but there was a hint of a clearing on the Glacier on the webcams. That was enough to encourage Chris and I to return to the Fornet. (Chris was the main instigator, bravo Cheeky!)

It turned out to be another one of those great morning when expectations weren’t particularly high. It didn’t snow enough overnight to cover the tracks so we needed ‘clean’ snow. We started in the Combe du Signal and I traversed all the way across the bowl to find untracked powder under the Vallon bubbles.

Chris and I then headed upstairs and skied one on the piste to take advantage of the good conditions on piste. We then skied three excellent rotations in the Pays Desert. It was just cloudy enough to keep people away so we had it all to ourselves. (See photos)

It did cheer up mid-morning but the snow instantly changed and everyone started dropping layers. It’s incredible how strong the sun is at this time of year and it makes me wonder what we’ll be looking for tomorrow? Today was a bonus day on the powder-front but the sun did some damage and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Stay tuned!

PS Unfortunately Mike C was smacked in the back while getting off the last chairlift of the morning. The impact threw him to the ground. He’s cracked his humerus and is out for the rest of the week. What bad luck after negotiating another morning of flat-light skiing. Get well soon Mike!

PPS And Richard received a ‘yellow’ card this morning on the first run. He responded admirably and had another top morning!