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The Time Has Come!!!

After studying the prices of other ski schools in town the time has come for a slight price hike. Besides Alpine and I-Ski no one really does group prices anymore. And I find that some of the prices that other ski schools are charging is quite high. We’ve always taken pride in giving people value for their skiing buck and our price rise will be minimal.

Here are some of the group prices out there. The ESF charge 102 euros for a four-hour morning off-piste, but they do supply air-bags and safety equipment. TDC charges between 84 and 79 euros for a three-hour morning, depending on how many days. Mountain Masters charge between 91 and 103 euros for children’s group lessons of 3:45 hours. And I-Ski charge 65 euros per morning.

Private prices are also much higher than Alpine’s. Tetra charge 500 for all-day privates and 550 during haute saison. They charge 370 for a morning private and 400 haute saison. And TDC charge 560 for the day.

We’ve decided to raise our prices from 60 to 65 for a four-hour off-piste session for those skiing 5 mornings or more. And 70 per morning for those skiing less than 5 days. A morning private will be 350 up from 335 and our all-day prices will be 450 up from 435. (These private prices are aimed at those who are skiing on their own or with one or two others, not for big groups of six. Those types of groups will be charge as individual group prices.) Our afternoon privates will remain at 150 euros for one or two skiers, but each extra skier will be charged an additional 15 euros instead of 10.

All in all we are still much cheaper than all the other ski schools and now charge the same as I-Ski for an off-piste morning. And we will continue to strive to give you the best skiing experiences possible. Sorry for the late price hike but we hope you all understand.

Now on to other news. Chris, Thomas and I had a fantastic evening last night. It was great to see Thomas again and look at photos of his Covid-winter last season. He took on some pretty special mountains and will remember last winter as a very special time. He had the mountains to himself with a small group of clients and friends and he’ll be in shock when the rat-race returns!  ( Andreas was working trying to finish off some projects and sadly missed the soiree)

Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Danois Saturday night at 6 o’clock. I’m really looking forward to that one and hope to see you there!

There a a few flakes of snow floating about but not enough to make a big difference for tomorrow. Stay tuned for opening day news!

PS Jean Sports is looking fantastic and they will be ready to welcome you tomorrow. They have been working extremely hard renovating the shop and I’m sure you’ll be impressed. And Louise will be in her new office tomorrow at 4:30.

PPS I had a spontaneous Pilates class with some of my UK regulars this morning. Peter, Diana, Jan, Angus and Anne all made it and I’ve posted a photo. There is also a photo of Chris and Thomas from last night’s meeting. I didn’t bother with the dreadful ‘selfie’ I took!