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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Thoroughly Enjoyable!!!

I had another thoroughly enjoyable ski this morning. With my new skis I have my mojo back and I’ve been enjoying my skiing so much more. Even with tough conditions it’s been fun.

Being Saturday I headed towards Tignes to take advantage of some great piste skiing in between off-piste itineraries. I was travelling light today so I could squeeze Steve, Lou and Johnnie Alpine into some interesting places and we enjoyed some great snow.  (see photos) We also worked on some skiing-in-the-steep technique and it was a very beneficial session.

Meanwhile, Andreas was the only other one working today and he headed in the opposite direction. With conditions being tough we are in ‘code-mode’ so that’s all the info forthcoming.

Last night’s gig at the Danois was absolutely superb. Karen and Andreas keep raising the bar and their performances are just getting better and better. And there was the added bonus of Mike and Ritchie playing a few songs during the break. They all ended up playing a few songs together and it a brilliant night.

My pal Charles has seen Bruce Springsteen 42 times, with another 6 concerts booked this summer around Europe. To say he’s a fan would be a serious understatement. When Karen dedicated ‘Dancing in the Dark’ to him he leaped up onto the dance floor, dragging Penny with him. And I’ve some fabulous footage of Charles dancing, which is now going viral!

Chris and Alpine would like to thank everyone who contributed to Chris’s 70th birthday present. It was all fairly last-minute and many of Chris’s clients don’t even know what’s happened, but we managed to pay for his new skis, binding and ‘skins’ with some money left over. Last night we presented Chris with the left over cash to go with his skis and he’d like to thank you all very much. He was incredibly touched by your generosity.

I’m off tomorrow as it’s a very quiet weekend. Millie is coming on Monday so I’m off down the valley in the morning to do some shopping for her visit. I can hardly wait!

Stay tuned.