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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Thoroughly Enjoyable!!!

I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning skiing with  Michiel and his young children. It was his 11-year-old daughter Salma’s first ever-morning off piste and his sons 13-year-old Gaius and 14-year-old Julius are both pretty new to off-piste as well, and they put in a brilliant performance! We went over the Col Pers and had some nice winter snow up top followed by a rain-assisted patch of excellent spring snow in the middle followed by some trickier snow at the bottom before exiting through the gorge. Next up was a good run in the Grand Vallon followed by a great trip through the Vallonnet to finish a really fun morning. It was lovely having youngsters who’d never been through the gorge before, we skied a little couloir in the Grand Vallon, and the Vallonnet was pretty adventurous, especially the entrance!!! Chris was behind me with Nick and Anne (see photos) while Thomas and Pietro continued on towards the Glacier Pers and Thomas finished off in the Cugnai.

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a great meal last night and the Hammers came agonisingly close to not only snatching a point but also picking up all three against the mighty Liverpool last night. It sadly wasn’t to be in the end and the Hammers remain in the relegation zone with time starting to run out.

I’d like to wish Gill’s brother Rob a very Happy 50th Birthday today and a very Happy Birthday to Flo as well, who will be celebrating in the Danois tonight.

It’s snowing quite nicely at the moment (4:20pm) and we will definitely have a fresh canvas to work with by the morning. Fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t play havoc with the snow quality or tomorrow’s opening and stay tuned!

PS Ed Mulliet and Jamie were excellent again in the Danois last night where Tash and her pals were having a jolly good time!