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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Three Great Mornings!!!

When the foehn was forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday it was a little depressing. After so much sunshine the thought of grey skies and no spring options was a little stressful. But, as usual, it all turned out pretty well in the end.

The visibility was better than expected each day. And with snow drifting about in the strong foehn wind the northern slopes improved and made for some excellent skiing. We didn’t need the spring options after all and had three great mornings skiing mostly steep terrain. (see photos)

I have TJ, Chris and Suzanne coming for dinner tonight and my flat looks like a bachelor pad! I’ve some cooking to do as well as cleaning and tidying so I’d best get cracking.

Stay tuned!

PS I unfortunately missed Ronaldo’s stunning hat-trick yesterday. He’s my favourite player and I would have loved to have seen it live.

PPS It was great to ski with Jules and Toby again after such a long layoff. And it was fun having Carol along to help keep the boys in line!