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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Three Matches!!!

We had another fantastic night in the Danois last night with Karen and Andreas. The bars are quieter this week with all the families in town but all those in attendance had a brilliant time.

I had a spontaneous after-gig-supper-party, which was jolly good fun and I just managed to not drink too much. Good thing as well as it’s not easy out and a hang-over with fatigue and tough conditions wouldn’t have been a good combination.

Mags, Johnnie Alpine, Paul, Steve and I had a fun morning on a reconnaissance mission. (see photos) We checked out some different terrain and a ‘change of scenery’ can often backfire because there is usually a reason for not skiing certain sectors. It is messy out there but with the sun shining it could be a lot worse and I really enjoyed the morning. (I was the only one working today although Andreas was on the mountain for a family ski.)

I’ve just finished watching the superb Villa v Arsenal match and still have two more games to go. Stay tuned!