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Time For A Post!!!

I took Katie to her first football match on Friday night. We went to Wembley for the European Champion’s England v the World Champion’s from the USA. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the woman’s skill level was very impressive. England backed up their European success with a great 2-1 win against the Americans and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (And what a stunning stadium to watch football!)

Yesterday morning I was absolutely gutted when I checked the Blue Jays score. I went to bed with them leading 8-1 and awoke to find they’d blown it. They ended up losing 10-9 and after grinding it out over a 162- game schedule they are out of the playoffs before they even really got started. I’m seriously unhappy about it and Canada is in mourning!

I then listened to the West Ham v Fulham match on the radio and was pretty nervous when the Hammers went down 1-nil after about five minutes. And then a couple of minutes later Fulham hit the crossbar and we could have been down 2-nil. I was hoping the Hammers were going to cheer me up but it wasn’t the best of starts. Thankfully West Ham came back to win 3-1. If both the Jays and Hammers lost it would have been an incredibly dire Sunday!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been introducing the girls to Led Zepplin. Zepplin was my go-to band in my early teens. My friends and I played air-drums and guitar to them at top volume for years. I’ve always loved them and have really enjoyed visiting the ‘days of my youth’.

During Wimbledon Djokovic was playing incredibly badly and lost the first set. John McEnroe commentated, “Novak’s performance reminds me of an old Led Zepplin song, ‘Dazed and Confused’.” That prompted me to revisit Led Zepplin and get the girls listening to them. We started with their fabulous 1969 debut album and have worked our way through their first four albums. Thanks John!

The price of season tickets has dropped by about 400 euros from last year. They have cut quite a few perks for employees and their families, but the general season pass is significantly cheaper.

Gill is away in Spain visiting her friend Sue for the weekend and returns tonight. Meanwhile Millie is at university in Exeter and has settled into her first house extremely well. She’s been having a great time and stays in touch most days.

Stay tuned!