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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Tired Legs!!!

As the sun continues to shine it’s been necessary to do more walking. We’ve ‘skinned’ the last eight days and for the past two days our walks have been fairly long. Our walk today was about 1 hour and 40 minutes to give you an idea. Because of my belt of Covid I must admit to some lingering fatigue and my legs are seriously tired today!

Chris and I went for a lovely ‘skin’ this morning. The scenery was wonderful and with no one else around it was incredibly peaceful. We chose a ‘once-in-every-five-year’s’ itinerary because it’s quite a hike and it’s ‘desperate Dan’ stuff. It’s a place we go after long periods of sunshine when we are running out of tricks. But, I really enjoyed it and think we’ll revisit sooner than later!

Thomas has had a private with some good Portuguese skiers this week. After explaining the benefits of touring gear they all went off to Jean Sports to get themselves sorted. They all bought boots and rented skis so Thomas is now back in business with some touring options. Bravo Team Portugal!

Andreas was ‘skinning’ over in Tignes today and had a great morning. He’s looking forward to his big hockey match tonight. They are playing the French champions of roller hockey, which is hockey played on roller skates. Of course they’ll be on skates tonight but they will be the best team Andreas has ever played against. Their goalie plays for the National team so Andreas will be looking to score tonight. Go Gretzky!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

PS Thanks for a great meal last night John!

PPS And it was Robert’s last day of his three week vacation. He’s had a great time, showed up rain or shine and Robert has been a pleasure to ski with. Hope you can make it back later in the season! (He’s made some good apres-ski pals as well!)