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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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TJ Has Arrived!!!

It was cold again today so we decided to stay north and forget the spring options. I had four new skiers this morning who weren’t expecting too much but they were all pleasantly surprised. We had another cracking morning and even in these tough conditions I’m still thoroughly enjoying my skiing.

Corrina pulled an edge out of her ski  early on and skied most of the morning slightly handicapped. (see photos) She’s been shopping this afternoon so I’d better keep her off the rocks tomorrow.

TJ has arrived and is trying to get himself sorted so he can start skiing tomorrow. And Diana Tingley has returned after about a 15 year absence and it was great to ski with her this morning.

All the boys were in action today and everyone reported a really good morning on the mountain. Bravo boys!

I’m getting ready to meet Pav in the Danois at 5:30 for Ed and Jamie. Meanwhile Rosie has headed off to the Folie Douce so I probably won’t see her thus evening.

Stay tuned!

PS I skied with a fellow Canadian today named Hartley and it was pleasure to have him along. Oh Canada!!!