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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Too Good Not To!!!

Yesterday was so good I decided on a return visit today and with a slight breeze and a thin cloud cover the snow didn’t soften quite as quickly but the skiing was still excellent. We all know that Andreas enjoys a good couloir and it was nice to watch his face light up with appreciation when he looked down ‘TW’ for the first time! It is steep and long with an almost perfectly straight fall-line, which is important in the couloir game, and I’m sure it will be revisited again soon. Quite a stunning sight really! Henry may have come along as well, while Chris went to Tignes and Thomas took the Parker clan on a ‘skin’. (And thanks to Ben for the great photo yesterday!)

Thanks to Dave C for a great football match last night followed by a lovely curry. (And it was great to see Marty) Liverpool rode their luck for a fairly undeserved three points but what a win!!! After the Hammers terrible performance on Saturday I’ve thrown my Hammer’s shirt in for a good wash! Man, did they stink!!!

The weather is changing and we’re expecting snow on Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully we’ll get a bonus day in tomorrow. If it’s cold and grey in the morning we’ll be in for a very difficult day. Fingers crossed!

PS Just heard from Thomas and he had a brilliant day. He realised that where he was heading wasn’t going to soften up enough and he teamed up with our good friend Herve from the ESF who showed him a new itinerary. It was a long steep couloir that needed to be side-slipped for the first 50 metres followed by double-pole plants to initiate the turns all the way down. Nitty-gritty time to say the least and not for the faint-hearted! Apparently the one-hour-and-forty-five-minute walk out was quite serious as well and Thomas gave Herve a big huge and a kiss afterwards. Bravo boys and well done Team Parker!