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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Top Three So Far!!!

After another cold night the skies were clear blue and we had one of the top three days of the season. The snow quality was exceptional and all the teams had an outstanding day. Chris, Thomas and I skied around the Charvet and Manchet sectors while Andreas skied classics at the Fornet.

I’ve just been down the valley shopping which is why the update is so late and I dropped by John and Margaret’s to say hello and have a celebratory drink as their grandson Luke past his Euro-Test today. Well done Luke, what a load off your shoulders!

I’m picking up Gill, Millie, Katie and Red Ray tomorrow night and they’re here until January 3rd, which is a pretty good visit. I can hardly wait for the fun to start! Gill has quite a few friends in town this week so she’ll be busy catching up with them all as well and it will be nice for her to have a great social week to kick things off. Fingers crossed that the roafs aren’t too bad as it’s forecast to snow tomorrow night!

Don’t forget the Guinea Pigs on Thursday après-ski and Andreas and Karen are playing on Friday. Both gigs will be at the Petit Danois at 5 but things don’t really get rolling until 5:15 to 5:30. I’ll see you there for both of them! 

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!