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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Totally Shutdown !!!

We had a fierce storm last night and throughout the day leaving the resort closed with only the nursery slope at the bottom of Solaise functioning. Unfortunately the World Cup Race was cancelled but I was amazed that they were able to run the GS yesterday. It’s been a tough couple of days and tomorrow looks like more of the same. Pietro and Thomas were working with the Ski Club and after a beep search and lunch they called it a day. I was extremely pleased with West Ham’s third win in a row yesterday, especially being down 1-nil at halftime. After serving hot wine for the prize giving I watched the second half of Chelsea v Man City at Johnny Alpine’s followed by and excellent meal. Poor Chris was subjected to football before his meal and it was such a good game that I think he actually enjoyed it! Thanks again John for another great evening.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get out on the mountain!