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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Tough Conditions, Great Morning!!!

It was wonderful to have the sun back in full force and being able to ‘read’ the snow properly makes all the difference at the moment. Chris and I had a fantastic morning in Tignes (code mode!) and enjoyed superb snow top-to-bottom with a couple of five-minute ‘skins’ thrown in. I managed to lose a ski while doing a kick-turn on icy snow (hadn’t pulled up the locking device far enough) and it shot off down the mountain so I had to traverse and side-slip down and one ski to retrieve it while Chris took my group. I missed some good skiing but did lay a nice solitary track after picking up my ski. (See photos)

Andreas had a great morning with James and Richard as they skied the P3 Couloir followed by the Super Santons. They just caught one of the last lifts before a power failure stopped all the lifts in Tignes and Ste Foy for an hour. Luckily we were still skiing and by the time Chris and I made it back to civilization the lifts had just started again. Henry headed up to the Fornet and I’m awaiting a report from him and I’m not too sure where Thomas was this morning but he was in action.

See you at Le Petit Danois this evening as Andreas is back to play with Karen and they will kick off between 5:15 and 5:30. Usually on a sunny day people are a little late arriving and they won’t want to start if the place is still quiet. That means, get home and showered and don’t be late! Stay tuned!