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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A former French World Champion snowboarder, Julie Pomagalski,  was tragically killed in an avalanche in Switzerland yesterday. Considering how few people are actually travelling off-piste in the mountains this winter the death toll has been alarmingly high. I’ve missed my skiing desperately this winter but I certainly don’t miss the stress that comes with unstable snow conditions and avalanche risk.

You’ll have noticed that Chris has gone quiet on the photo front during the past few days. This is because he and Suzanne have been doing some serious ‘skinning’ lately and they’ve been shattered at the end of the day. I think they are planning on a couple of days off so Chris may post a few new photos soon.

Andreas is doing well in his rehab facility although he is missing his family. He has a couple of supervised physio sessions a day and it won’t be too long before he starts to make some serious progress.

I’m ticking along and walking 30-minutes a day and doing a couple of Pilates sessions every day, mixed in with leg strengthening exercises. I’ve been off-loading weight off my right leg for years and it is tiny compared to my left leg. I have some serious work to do to get it strong again and build up the muscles.

Thomas has been skiing regularly and has taken on some impressive routes. One thing for sure is the skiing doesn’t come for free. A serious effort is needed to access the skiing. JM and Henry are both well.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

PS Louise is on really good form as well and enjoying her skiing!