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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Trickier Than Expected!!!

After looking at the ‘graph’ I was expecting a fairly straight forward morning of ‘classics’. But the freeze wasn’t as strong as we thought and we ended up needing so side-slip out of the Epaule. It’s the first time in ten years or more that that’s happened to me and I was a little surprised. Ten years is a lot of can I, can’t I, should I shouldn’t I decisions so I wasn’t too hard on myself.

From there we decided to play safe and head up to the Pisaillas Glacier for altitude. There we had a couple of great runs on perfect snow down toward the Pays Desert poma. It wasn’t that easy getting back to the poma and although the snow was excellent two runs was enough.

I then started to traverse out into the Pays Desert but Thomas reported that he thought the Cugnai would work. After my earlier experience I wasn’t so sure but trusted Thomas and did a u-turn. It worked out really well and we just got down before the freeze dropped out. (Thanks Thomas) It was evident that we were done for the morning so we stopped at the chalet in the Manchet for a team beer.

Last night’s gig in the Danois was Karen and Andreas’s best yet. They were absolutely brilliant! Karen was at her stunning best and I’ve never seen Andreas play so well. The place was rammed and everyone was boogieing away. The atmosphere was fantastic and what a way to finish their gigging season. Wow!

I’m now looking forward to a coffee on my terrace and the FA Cup semi-final later on. Come on Liverpool!

Stay tuned!