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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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With the hour time change I was a little worried about what to do as the snow has been slow to soften during the past week and starting earlier wasn’t going to help, but in the end it worked out well and eventually in our favour. Thomas and I were the only ones working this morning and I was thinking of heading to Tignes but changed my mind at the last moment and decided to ‘milk’ the great slopes we’ve been skiing to the last drop. Thomas and I did a double ‘skin’ and if our first slope was great our second ‘skin’ produced a stunning descent. We skied a couloir that I’ve only skied once before (and it was Thomas’ first time) and it was evident that it hasn’t been skied all winter and it was a wonderful sight looking down a beautifully steep gully with pristine virgin snow. (I decided to call it TW as we skied it together and WT doesn’t quite roll off the tongue properly.) The hour time change then came into play in our favour as we had time to climb the Charvet ridge and ski down via the Bec d’ Aigle. Getting out at the bottom was a small price to pay for the excellent skiing higher up and we finished the morning with a blast down the ‘L’.

Chris had a well deserved day off after 14 days of all-day work and Andreas was off as well. Andreas went for a bike ride as he’s in training for a Tour du France stage in the summer.

My camera was ruined yesterday so I’ve reverted to my old one for the rest of the season. It still takes pretty good pictures although a few water spots show up due to years of taking pictures in snow storms and wet drizzly days, but it certainly takes better pictures than the camera that just got wrecked!

With any luck we’ll get in a decent day again tomorrow before snow moves in on Wednesday and Thursday. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!