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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Unexpected Light!!!

The risk was 4/5 again today with 10 to 15 cm’s of fresh snow overnight. (It seemed like much more than that in places) We’ve had some wind that has worked over the snow in places but the snow quality in protected areas was superb.

Fortunately we had decent light all morning long. The added visibility made the skiing so much easier today, and made going first much more comfortable!

We had a moment of unwanted excitement (panic) this morning. Chris fell head first into a little hole on the Fontaine Froide and his head was buried. (He was head down with his feet above his head) His face was under the snow and with his arms trapped behind him Chris couldn’t move. Fortunately I was close by and immediately started to paw the snow away from his face. It only took a few seconds to uncover his mouth but both Chris and I were extremely relieved. Stuart came down and worked hard to release his skis as Chris was seriously stuck. It just shows how easily it can all go wrong sometimes. Had Chris been the last one in the group and had no one there to help him he could easily have died!

Sorry but I didn’t take my camera today. I wasn’t expecting decent vis and my camera has been acting up, especially on snowy days.

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas at the Danois tomorrow night starting at 6 o’clock. See you there!