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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Unexpectedly Good!

Well to be honest it was better than unexpectedly good. It turned out to be a really fun and satisfying morning!

I was expecting a potentially tricky day. The hour time change needed to be factored in. And there was also some unforecasted high cloud cover to deal with. Plus instead of abating the foehn wind was blowing even harder this morning. And all my pals had the day off!

With Val d’Isere being overcast I headed to brighter skies in Tignes. Even stating at 10 o’clock we were still 30 minutes earlier than the past few days and the wind was keeping the upper slopes cold. To cut a long story short we adapted and it all worked out pretty well in the end.

Check the photos and look out for Faye crawling through the avalanche barriers. We needed to do a bit of bush-whacking here and there and make it up as we went along. And when we did ski piste they were groomed and in immaculate condition resembling perfect spring snow. What a bonus!

Andreas played golf today and birdied the first hole. He went on to shoot level par and needless to say was rather pleased with himself! He said he’d forgotten how much he loved to play golf. No wonder, I’m a rubbish golfer and I absolutely love it. I can only dream of ever shooting level par, but first time out? Bravo Andreas, what a start to your golf season!

I’ve some tidying up to do as the girls arrive a week today. The trick is to not peak too early but I should at least make the girls beds and get that out of the way.

Stay tuned!