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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Up And Down!!!

I found out last night that EasyJet had cancelled the girls flight due to Storm Dennis, which hasn’t even arrived yet! It’s been quite emotional as everyone has been so looking forward to the trip and two of the three friends who are coming have never been to the mountains before and never properly seen snow. EasyJet’s website crashed due to the traffic and it was impossible to get through on the phone even after being in a queue for over 90-minutes. It was looking quite disastrous as all the flights were booked but this morning the girls managed to book a train at great expense that arrives in Lyon tonight at 11:30PM. Well done girls and I’ll see you tonight!!!

After shovelling the terrace for Gill’s sun pit I woke up this morning and pulled my back getting out of bed. After trying to ease it off with drugs and some gentle Pilates I decided to not ski today as walking was proving difficult so Thomas took two of my clients while Johnnie Alpine and Richard Finlay skied with Louise and Suzanne. Hopefully I’ll be back in action tomorrow but a trip to Lyon and back won’t help much!

It was another great night in the Danois as Karen and Andreas put on another terrific gig. I love my Friday night après -ski and will unfortunately miss next week as I’ll be taking the girls back down to the airport. I’ll try to take the girls to the Danois tomorrow night, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so maybe see you there!

The street are ciaos as cars and busses are piling into town. What a mess!!! (see photos)

PS Thomas from Jean Sports did a fantastic job putting in a two-piece patch on my skis. (see photos) You can barely tell where it is and his handiwork has saved my ski. Thanks Thomas!!! And Andreas reports a good result on Mont Roup this morning and I’ve no idea what Thomas skied.