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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Up And Running!!!

I’ve spent a pleasant morning filling in the ski school planning for the upcoming winter. It’s one of my favourite tasks as it means winter is just around the corner. I sit down with a pot of coffee and imagine you all skiing as I fill in your names. Up until now I’ve had all the bookings jotted down in a notebook but the time has come to organise it all before I lose control.

Some of the typically busy periods such as Christmas, half-term and Easter are already fairly booked up. That is encouraging news but other than those busy times the rest of the planning is looking very quiet. During these uncertain times I really wouldn’t expect anything else. Everyone will be waiting on new testing developments and quarantine rules before making any travel decisions. It’s especially tricky for those with children. No one wants their children to miss any more school and a two-week quarantine would be a non-starter for most families.

Gill and the girls have three trips planned but if the rules don’t change they won’t be coming. Gill won’t be able to miss work while the girls can’t miss school so it may be a lonely winter.

Fingers crossed that testing improves to the point where the quarantine rules become less daunting. If that happens perhaps we can all look forward to enjoying a great winter of skiing!

In the meantime the planning is up and running so don’t hesitate. Stay tuned!