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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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V-E Day!!!

The sun was shining again and we enjoyed another beautiful day. With it being V-E Day we had a ‘social-distancing-street-party’ in our lane. The neighbours rallied and dug out their ‘leftover’ Olympic bunting and decorated their fences. Many added flowers to the occasion, and some wore sundresses, The elderly who have been finding lockdown especially difficult loved the company and it was fantastic to get all the neighbours together.

It’s a little sad how we can live in a neighbourhood only knowing our neighbours to say hello or to wave at. But, our little ‘street-party’ was a huge success and we all got to know each other a little bit better. Some people are fairly new to our lane and a few people made some new friends, which is always a huge bonus. We’ve also been having weekly street quizzes on Zoom and it was nice to see the participants in the flesh instead of on a screen! (See photos)

This lockdown has brought our little community together so it’s nice to have some good come out of this terrible situation. I hope it’s the same in your neighbourhood as well?

Stay tuned!

PS We finished off a great day with Katie’s delicious pulled-pork in the garden accompanied by some lovely rose.

PPS I’ll wait for a change of weather before tackling Rob and Giles. It’s just way too nice outside to be sitting at the computer!