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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Village Walk!!!

It snowed another 60 cm’s of heavy snow overnight. As predicted the avalanche risk has shot up to 4/5 and the resort was unsurprisingly very slow to open. And when it did open it was extremely limited and very crowded. Needless to say it must have been a bit ugly out there!

All the Alpine boys took the day off in advance and are spending the day relaxing and preparing to fight another day tomorrow. I’m out of jail now and looking forward getting back on my skis in the morning!

Stocky and I had a lovely walk through the old village taking photos this morning. It was stunning and snow like this you don’t get to experience all that often. We wanted to get some pictures before the rain arrives and washes it all away. (My favourite shot is of Richard Finlay clearing snow in front of his apartment.) Check it out.

At noon it’s still dumping huge flakes. It really is a winter wonderland and a privileged to witness. Stay tuned!

PS The road to the Fornet is closed to all circulation except the buses.