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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Waiting For Snow!!!

The lights went out today as we had overcast skies. Without many options or visibility it was always going to be a tricky morning but we managed a good ski. (See photos) Chris and I skied off the Motte while Thomas had a private and skied a couple of couloirs.

We are desperately in need of snow now and thankfully some is forecast for this evening. Ten to fifteen centimetres is expected and hopefully the wind won’t be too much of a factor? Earlier in the winter the wind was consistently out of the north, north-west. This made it relatively easy as the good snow was laying on southerly and easterly slopes. But lately the wind has started to change direction and has been coming from all angles. This inconsistent wind direction has damaged snow on just about every exposure, making for tricky conditions. Hopefully we’ll get better value out of this next snowfall as the last snow didn’t help much!

I had a new French skier today named Sebastian. He was skiing with us because the ESF didn’t have enough clients to make a group. Meanwhile Chris was skiing with one and I only had two! Hopefully Sebastian will be back later in the week after a couple of days  with the ESF. He’s a great guy with a big smile and a bloody good skier as well!

Katie and Jake skied with Ness this morning and Dom and Sarah’s daughter Millie. They had a great morning together and have all gone out to lunch at the Roxy/Billabong Burger Bar. Katie is making up for lost time and is have a superb holiday. Go Katie!

We’re off to the Danois tonight to see Ed and Jamie. I’m looking forward to some electric rock. Stay tuned!

PS I was seriously happy with the Hammers last minute equaliser last night. Pav and his son Luc were at the game and I’m surprised they survived amongst  all those Leicester supporters!