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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Waiting For Snow!!!

It looks as if we’ll get some snow starting on Wednesday and it could snow off-and-on for the next week but in the meantime we’re making the most of what’s on offer. We’re feeding off leftovers at the moment but when you’re hungry leftovers can taste pretty good and Chris, Pietro and I all headed up to the Col des Fours where we had a pretty good result. The walk was spectacular and we found a variety of snow from soufflé to frisset to spring-type snow and it made for interesting skiing. (See photos) I had Michiel and his young boys Julius and Geeas (spelling) and the boys did really well as it’s a pretty big walk for 13 and 15-year-olds. Bravo boys! Thomas was down in Ste Foy today with his ‘girls’ team plus Doug and I’m sure they found some great skiing down there.

Hopefully we’ll get a  ‘bonus’ morning of sunshine tomorrow before the clouds and snow roll in. We’re desperate for a ‘fresh canvas’ now and anything falling out of the sky will help. Stay tuned!

PS Pietro and I are off to Johnnie Alpine’s tonight for dinner followed by the Liverpool v West Ham match. Boy, I’m a sucker for punishment!