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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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After a sunny ‘gravity-fed’ maximum-turn session yesterday the resort is pretty much tracked out so Henry and I took our groups for a ‘double-skin’ and had a great morning. The snow is slightly wind-compressed (the good stuff!) and we had cracking good skiing for the most part with a couple of more ‘educational’ pitches in places. As you see I’m in ‘code-mode’ as the sun is forecast for at least another week and maybe longer but I’m sure some of you will work out where we’ve been by the photos. Looking forward to hearing you Simon! Simon loves to play ‘Where’s Wayne’ and emails where he thinks we’ve been and his hit rate is astonishingly high!

Don’t forget it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow boys so get your cards, flowers, and/or chocolates ready!

It’s Guinea Pig night tomorrow starting at 5:30 at Le Petit Danois and Andreas is going to stay up to come and see them with me. See you all there and don’t forget the Alpine Get-Together on Friday featuring Karen and Andreas. Stay tuned!

PS I’m off to Bourg shopping as the girls arrive late Sunday night along with their Nana Liz.