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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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We Got Away With It!!!

Last night’s refreeze was minimal and much less than the previous night and we just got away with pretty much everything we skied. The was cloudy with a strong foehn wind blowing at the Fornet so our only real option was towards Tignes and Chris and I skied directly via the piste to ski the Super Cocaine, which was good skiing but fragile so we then skied the Sachette and Familial to finish. Andreas, Thomas, and Jerome were all in the neighbourhood and I’m not too sure what Henry or his mate Dan skied. It was a pretty good morning in tough conditions so I was pretty happy with our result this morning.

Today’s big event however is not the skiing but Karen and Andreas’ gig at the Danois starting at 5:30. It’s their last of the season so don’t miss it and Ness will be making a guest appearance and I believe Mike will be playing a couple of tunes. It’s going to be a fantastic evening and I’m looking forward to a big ‘Alpine’ turnout! See you all there!

Fingers crossed for a better freeze tonight and stay tuned!