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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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We Tried!!!

I was worried this morning that all that lovely warm snow we skied in yesterday would have started the re-freezing process and unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. The snow off-piste had a nasty rain crust and it was seriously leg-breaking-knee-wrecking snow and we didn’t even attempt one turn in it. We tried to get up to the Motte, which was our only chance but it remained closed so we skied piste until 11:20 and called it a morning. I can’t remember off-piste conditions as difficult as today’s snow but the good news is that everyone is in one piece and ready for better things tomorrow. Nice try everyone!

It wasn’t really a photo type of morning and I only took one under the Tommeuses Chair showing the rain rivulets.

Stay tuned for more action tomorrow!

PS Today made skiing in the rain incredibly inviting!!!

PPS It was a great Super Bowl last night and you can watch ten minutes of highlights by googling nfl scores and scroll down to the Super Bowl.