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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Welcome Back Dan!!!

Dan Egan, author of ’30 Years in a White Haze’ and a member of the Skiing Hall Of Fame is back in town. Dan usually arrives in the spring but he’s here early this year and plans on spending more time in Val d’ Isere this season. It’s always great to catch up with Dan in the Gourmandine every morning and he always adds to the morning banter. Welcome back Dan!

The sun continues to beat down and it’s quite incredible how skied out the mountain is. With the sun starting to damage the snow combined with the wind and tracks it’s not getting any easier out there. Still, there is some great skiing and all the boys are doing their best.

Andreas delivered Chris’s new skis this morning so Chris will be on them tomorrow morning. He’s extremely excited and would like to thank everyone who contributed.

I skied down the Solaise piste at the end of my morning and was really impressed by the grip on my new skis. (Salomon 96’s) They are brilliant and I actually enjoyed the trip down. Quite often I’ve taken the bubble lift down to avoid the firm piste but these skis have seriously added to my skiing enjoyment. Thanks again Andreas for making me try them!

Fernando is playing again at the Danois on Thursday night. He’s alone on his acoustic guitar so it’s a quieter gig but he is fantastic. I’ll definitely be there as will Tchenko and my pal Charles. Do come if you can and I’ll see you there.

And of course we have Karen and Andreas to look forward to on Friday. Stay tuned!