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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Well Done Boys!!!

With wind, rain-crust, and tracks our options so far this season have been fairly limited but we are still finding some great skiing, although it does get a little tougher everyday and if we don’t walk there is very little on offer. Today I had Ian and Richard (who go way back to our Top Ski days) and they’ve never ‘skinned’ before, plus it was the first day of their holiday and I dragged them up to the Glacier Suspendu! They both did incredibly well as it’s a good walk with some technical elements and quite a bit of vertical and we made it up in about one-hour-and-twenty-minutes, which is pretty good going. It wasn’t an easy introduction but the boys did the business! It was also Sue’s first day as well as Mick D’s in Chris’ group and normally we try not to walk people so hard on their first day but with lack of options it needed to be done. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the stunning scenery, snow and ambience enough to forgive Chris and I. (see photos) Andreas and TJ were both in the neighbourhood while Henry headed towards the Motte and Thomas was down in St Foy.

I’m rushing around trying to sort out an International Driving Licence before February 1st. Brexit hasn’t even happened yet but we are starting to feel the effects and complications already. After February 1st you must apply for your licence in person at a Post Office, which is a little difficult if you’re already in France! Hopefully I can get it done in the next few days.

It looks like another sunny day tomorrow so stay tuned for more touring news tomorrow!

PS Anyone living close to Guildford who can help with a medication delivery on or before February 3rd please let me know. Thanks.

PPS Andreas is accompanying Ness tonight at a concert at her school and is really looking forward to it. Hopefully Ness can come up again during the holidays to sing a number or two with her Dad at the Alpine Get-together. Go Ness!