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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Well done Millie!!!

It was the long-awaited GCSE results day yesterday and after convincing herself that she’d done really badly in her exams Millie was ecstatic, and very relieved with her results. She ended up with 6 A’s, 2 A-stars, and 3 double-A-stars!

Unfortunately Millie thought she wasn’t going to do well in English-Lit so she decided not to take it at A-Level but now that she received a good grade we wants to take it again. The only problem is that she hasn’t read the three books over the summer that she needed to so she may be doing a lot of reading on the airplane! Attention: Millie has decided to stick with French so she’s just saved herself a ton of reading!

We’re off to Canada tonight, stay tuned!

PS For all you Swiftie’s out there Taylor’s new album came out last night and it doesn’t disappoint! Brilliant as usual!