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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Bonus!!!

What a bonus today turned out to be! We were expecting a minimal freeze with cloudy skies and  potentially limited options. Instead it was cold enough for a decent overnight freeze followed by a lovely sunny morning. Our terrain options were still fairly limited but we chose well and were treated to some fantastic skiing. (see photos)

The sky has been clouding over during the afternoon as the weather starts to deteriorate. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for cloudy skies but there is no point in  worrying as we’ve been pleasantly surprised all winter long. Hopefully our good luck will hold and we’ll have another bonus-type day tomorrow.

Yesterday’s BBQ and gig at the Danois was a huge success. The pulled-pork burgers and fries looked fantastic and I was kicking myself for having eaten at home. The Revolverlites played for about three hours and thoroughly enjoyed their last gig of the season. Everyone had a great time and the outdoor venue was a nice change from being inside, especially as the weather was kind.

Thursday’s gig with The Lunettes has unfortunately been call off. Albert, the guitarist, has a problem with an ear and can’t play. What a bummer for Albert and hopefully it isn’t too serious. Tchenko and I are in mourning at the thought of no Lunettes until next season!

Karen will be playing outside the Salon on Friday afternoon and I’ll get the timing for you. Fingers crossed for a decent afternoon weather-wise!

Stay tuned!