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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Bonus!!!

When I went to bed last night I didn’t have huge expectations for today. The forecast was for overcast skies and flat-light. And up until now the lifts haven’t been very cooperative. There has been very few lifts open and those that have been seem to spend half the time en panne!

But, what a bonus this morning was! We arrived above the clouds into beautiful sunshine and it snowed more overnight than was anticipated. The snow quality was excellent and we profited with non-stop skiing taking the ‘low hanging fruit’.

The clouds in the valley started to rise but the liaison with Tignes opened meaning we could head up towards the Motte and stay of the sea-of-cloud. We had some wonderful skiing on gentle terrain and eventually the clouds started to become a factor. (Motte itself was closed) After milking the meadows under the Motte we headed back down and arrived below the clouds to continue on our morning.

Chris and Andreas were both in action today and it was a cracking morning.

Karen and Andreas will be playing tomorrow night at the Danois but the time hasn’t been finalised yet. I’ll keep you posted on that as soon as I get some news.

Derek, Mike and I were in the Garage last night having a beer and three Gendarmes came in. They were there to check Covid Passports and they weren’t fooling around. It’s quite reassuring to know that the French are taking these passports seriously, which is a reward for the vaccinated. I wish the travel rules from country-to-country would value the vaccinations and simplify travel. Fingers crossed!

It’s snowing again this afternoon, which is fabulous news because we are in need of a lot of snow. The snow cover is thin below 2500 metres and we could use a fresh canvas for tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

PS Gill’s back is the worst it’s been in about ten years! She’s off work and struggling to even take Katie to school in the car. I feel so sorry for her because I know how bad her back is when she has a bad spell. Fingers crossed for you Gill!

PPS Karen and Andreas will be playing from 6 to 8 tomorrow night.