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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Day!!!

Katie, Jake and I had a fantastic day morning piste skiing today. We opened with the upper half of the Face du Bellevarde, which was a good as it gets. Except of course when you’re first in after a snowfall! The we skied to Les Brevieres, then back up to the Motte for a hot chocolate. We took the cable car to the top then skied Wayne’s Shoulder. (See photos) Then we made our way back to town via the Santons and the ‘L’. It was a great morning with perfectly groomed pistes and a couple of off-piste pitches.

I must say that Jake is the best 8 or 9 day skier I’ve ever seen. Katie and I are dragging him around at pace and we’ve skied some seriously steep slopes as well. Blimey Jake!

After lunch we were invited to Johnny Alpine’s for the Liverpool match. Katie was pleased with the result as was every neutral in the country. At the moment I’m on tender hooks hoping for a West Ham victory at Leicester. Come on boys!

We had a brilliant evening in the Garage last night watching France v Ireland. What a match! Charles and his pals were there as were rooting on Ireland while Katie and I were pulling for the French. James, Richard, Ian and Cormack were there as well. Cormack was dressed in his Leprechaun outfit and the French loved it. I was hoping for the French but couldn’t help cheering every Irish score. It was that type of game. The atmosphere was electric and it was a fabulous match!

Tomorrow night we are back in the Danois for Ed and Jamie followed by the Revolver Lights on Tuesday. It’s all happening! Stay tuned!

PS Katie and Jake are skiing with Ness and Victor tomorrow while I get back to work.