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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A difference!!!

Finally after a long wait we’ve received some snow. Even though it was still windy we had a lovely cushion of fresh light powder. It only snowed between 10 and 15 cm’s but it made such a difference!

After a little test off the Fontaine Froide it was evident that we needed winter snow underfoot. There wasn’t enough fresh snow to cushion the frozen base on the sunny exposures so we formulated our plan.

Chris, Thomas and I then headed to Tignes via the Lower Borsat and meadows. We skied an excellent Chardonnet with just enough light to ski positively and let go. Mark unfortunately fell off the traverse and broke his pole and lost a ski but Chris came to the rescue. Thanks Chris. (I ended up skiing the rest of the morning with one pole)

We also skied a brilliant Combe des Lanches and a terrific Altiport to finish. In between itineraries we had some lovely bonus turns and it was a fantastic morning! (see photos)

Katie, Jake and I are heading to the Danois again tonight for the Revolverlites. We had a great time last night with Tchenko watching Ed strut is stuff. He’s a proper rocker and fun to watch. Katie and Jake were very impressed and also thought Jamie was brilliant on the drums.

Stay tuned!