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What A Final!!!

I must say that the Watson family thoroughly enjoyed the final of the Woman’s Euros!

The match was full of tension and passion and the skill level was brilliant. Any striker in the world would have been ecstatic and proud of Ella Toone’s opening goal. Wow, what a finish!

After going ahead 2-1 in extra time England then killed off the final agonising minutes with a totally controlled professional display. They worked the ball beautifully at the corner flag and didn’t give the Germans much time to respond.

I thought the Queen’s message was very classy and fitting of the occasion. And the fact that over 17 million people besides the Watson were watching shows the interest level that the Lionesses have created.  What a tournament and what a result! (Even hard-core Man U fan Johnny Alpine was glued to it!)

The game was incredibly physical as you’d expect with an intense tussle against the Germans. The men could learn quite a bit from watching the ladies play. Firstly the women could teach them to ‘man-up’. The women don’t seem to roll about theatrically on the floor when they’ve been hacked down. And they seem to be able to stay on-side. Improvement on both counts would improve the men’s game enormously!

Katie met Rishi Sunak at a rally in Godalming over the weekend. She also had a chat with the Conservative MP for Guildford Angela Richardson. She really enjoyed the experience and asked Angela if she could get a job at Westminster in October for some work experience. Fingers crossed on that one! (I’ll post a photo later.)

Stay tuned!