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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Low Expectations!!!

I’m still locked out of the blog page but Chris should be able to sort it for me on Monday. In the meantime Chris will continue to post the blog for me and photos are updated daily as usual. Thanks Chris.
I had a new team today so I decided to head back up to the Fornet and so a slightly shortened repeat of yesterday. With the heat and wind our options are limited as the mountain is transforming quickly so I took my last chance at the last of the powder. (Powder and variations of winter snow)
Andreas headed toward Tignes for the other obvious option, and I’m not too sure what Jerome and Henry skied. Thomas has been out of the resort the past few days with Adam and Chris enjoyed a well deserved day off.
Last night’s gig at the Danois was exceptional. It’s pretty much the same write-up each week. Andreas’s improvement on the guitar has been astounding and the addition of the electric has greatly added to the performance. And with Andreas’s improvement and consistency Karen has been free to express herself. She’s been in the business a long time yet she’s been improving with each performance and you can easily see how much Karen is enjoying herself.Their gigs are just getting better and better, and the Friday night gig remains my favourite event of the week! Stay tuned!

Today may have been the best ‘low expectation’ day of the season! The forecast was for grey skies meaning flat-light. No new snow was expected nor was any warmth from the sun to soften the spring options. No one was expecting much while climbing into bed last night.

But, we awoke to fairly clear skies, which meant we had a chance. And after our first test of the snow Chris and I knew we could ski winter snow early on, and then finish the morning with spring snow. And I must say that our ‘spring snow’ run was truly outstanding. It was perfectly clean, steep with wonderful ambiance, and certainly not expected at the Gourmandine! (see photos)

Fortunately the weather held out for us during the morning as clouds were rising from the valley all morning long. We managed to stay out of it and it finally overtook us just as we were finishing. As I write at 2PM snow is falling and I’m looking forward to tomorrow already!

Thomas started a three day tour this morning and was at the Gourmandine for a chat. Good luck with your weather Thomas. (He was looking sharp in his new haircut. My wife would be aghast at the state of my hair at the moment!) Andreas was off this morning while Jerome was driving Sarah down to the airport.

Stay tuned!
PS Chris should be able to fix the blog access problems tomorrow afternoon and I’ll finally be able to get back in.