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What A Gig!!!

The foehn wind continues to blow viciously in exposed areas and the wind is certainly a factor. Normally the wind ruins the snow but at the moment it is actually helping. The wind is blowing a cushion of soft snow into some gullies and onto some slopes in the lee. With no snow forecast the snow drifting about in the wind is at least improving some areas.

Chris and I had such a good day in Tignes yesterday we returned for more of the same today. Andreas and Thomas joined us and we all had some really good skiing. The visibility was pretty good this morning and that always helps, especially in tough conditions. (See photos)

We managed to stay out of the wind for most of the morning and at times were totally sheltered. The Ves chair was completely sheltered and we all had a run or two in that sector. Carol skied a little powder stash with Jerome yesterday after a ten-minute ‘skin’ from the summit of the Ves. Toby, Jules and I thought that sounded good so we decided to give it a go. I haven’t been up there in years and it was scenic with some lovely snow. It was a good call and completely out of the wind so thank you Jerome!

Last night’s gig in the Danois was absolutely superb! Karen and Andreas opened the show with a terrific set. It was Andreas’s first gig back after a little break and he played brilliantly while Karen was her fantastic self.

Mike and Ritchie then took the stage for the second set and they were fantastic. We don’t get to see Ritchie too often these days and it was a real treat. He dazzled the crowd with his sax, trumpet, flute, bongos, tambourine and rapping. And Mike is always brilliant on his guitar as well as vocally.

To finish the gig they all played together and it was an outstanding evening and thoroughly enjoyed by a packed house. (It was great to have my niece Rosie and her pal Frances in the crowd!)

And a big thank you to Andreas for organising the entire gig. It was to celebrate the Danish Munke boys annual tour. They have been supporting Mike, Ritchie, and Karen musically for years. And they have skied with Andreas for a long time as well plus supported his gigs in recent years. It was a great concept and hopefully the gig will become an annual event as well.

Well, that just about sums it up. Stay tuned!

PS I just Face Timed Katie. She’s in Guildford and has just shown me her new piercings. She’s has the house to herself for the first time at 16 this weekend. I guess if that the worst she gets up to her Mum can hardly complain!!!