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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A Journey!!!

After having their flight cancelled on Friday afternoon for Saturday evening there was total panic and disappointment as we thought that  the girls and their friends trip wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately on Saturday morning they booked the TGV and I picked them up last night at 11:30 at the Gare Part Dieu in Lyon. I was surprised on the way down at how much traffic was still coming up the mountain as Moutiers was jammed around 9 o’clock and it was bumper-to-bumper on the way down as well. Fortunately how trip back up the mountain was easy and we arrived by 2:30AM.

I took the morning off and spent three hours on the Village with Faye, Lillie and Josh and it was an incredible change of pace. I haven’t taught beginners for so long but I really enjoyed and just applied my regular ‘uncoiling’ but from a power-wedge. They did really well and it was Faye and Lillie’s first trip to the mountains and they loved it! Henry snuck up behind me and gave me the ‘boo’ routine and I almost jumped out of my boots! You’re a scary dude Henri!!!

It business as usual tomorrow as all the boys will be back in action. Stay tuned!