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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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What A Morning!!!

Last night’s gig was fantastic. Andreas has invested in new equipment and the quality of sound is much improved. But more importantly, Andreas has reached another level instrumentally and the addition of some electric guitar adds some great variation. Meanwhile, Karen was her wonderful self again last night. You can tell she’s really enjoying their performances and she brought some high-level energy to go with her great voice. Between the two of them, I thought it was their best gig yet!

And after several days of really tough skiing in flat-light to white-out conditions we had a break today. The sun was shining and we had an absolutely stunning morning. Thomas and I hung out together and probably had the best day of the season. (‘code mode’ so the pictures will tell the story) Meanwhile Henry and Chris skied together and I haven’t yet had a report. Andreas was skiing with his family while Jerome was off today.

I had three new skiers today. Ian and his sons Matthew and Jamie. We got off on the wrong foot as they were late and in the wrong place, but we kissed and made up and they had a wonderful time. Talk about picking a good day for your first ‘Alpine Experience’. Bravo boys! (Adam F kicked-off his off-piste season as well today!)

There have been quite  few plaques popping out lately and many of them have been plenty big enough! There has been six people killed in the French so far this season, and conditions are delicate.

I did a massive shop down in Bourg and at 9:20 have just finished unpacking and ironing. You would never have had me down for a domestic GOD would you?

Stay tuned!