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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What a morning!!!

It was incredibly murky yesterday afternoon and into the night with some fresh snow floating about and I was a little concerned about the visibility this morning. When I looked outside around 7:15 there was 5cm’s of new snow on the terrace and with signs of clear skies at altitude my spirits and enthusiasm soared. Instantly a potentially tricky day was forgotten and Andreas, Thomas, Chris and I all headed to the Fornet where the best snow cover was waiting. Derek, Johnny Alpine and I dove off the piste immediately and skied our first turns of the season in powder, which is always a brilliant way start to the new season!

Last week there was a melt-freeze cycle that left a crust on the surface but last night’s snow was just enough to leave a cushion above the crust and where it had drifted in the skiing was excellent with 15 to 20 cm’s of good powder. There were places where the crust was lurking underneath and the skiing was a little more ‘educational’, but nothing nasty and it was a cracking good ski to kick-off the winter.

Unfortunately they opened the Pays Desert poma so the Pays Desert was pretty much skied out this morning, which is a real shame. Usually it remains closed for a couple of weeks leaving the Pays Desert sector to us and it has been a valuable area for us other the years so we were disappointed to see it open.

Chris and I are serving hot wine and hot chocolate this afternoon for our community service hours so if you’re wandering about town you may see us. Then it’s off to Johnny Alpine’s for Tottenham v Chelsea followed by a bite to eat. Sounds like a great way to finish off a fantastic day. Stay tuned!