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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Night!!!

What a night last night! Karen and Andreas were absolutely on fire and the Danois crowd responded by going nuts. The place was rocking and Friday night’s are consistently brilliant. Even with the stunning skiing of late my Friday night in the Danois remains my favourite two hours of the week!

During their break a huge Australian got up to play a couple of songs. Karen’s guitar looked like a ukulele around his neck but boy he was good. He had a fantastic voice and great swagger and it was a fun and unexpected addition to the evening.

I then took Charles, his pal Mike, and Penny for their first visit to Flash Pizza. The boys enjoyed it so much that they booked the entire place out privately for 12 people next Wednesday on their chalet night off! Needless to say the management was rather pleased with my introduction!

And after a memorable night we had another great day skiing. Chris and I headed to the Sachette via the Sachette Couloir. It was excellent top-to-bottom and we finished with a really good Altiport for another 1:30 finish. (See photos) Francesca is back in town and it was great to have her bubbly self in the group. And bravo to Steve and Ritchie who both did really well in Chris’s group. Meanwhile, Jerome headed up to the Fornet but I’m not too sure what he skied, but he will have had a fantastic morning.

Stay tuned!