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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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What A Night!!!

We had a fantastic evening last night starting in the Danois. The brilliant Fernando was playing with Fabio, a new Brazilian keyboard player. Fabio used to play in a Brazilian heavy-metal band and he was an excellent addition to the show. Last night was the first time they’ve ever played together and they had an instant chemistry. (You Ski Club members don’t know what you’re missing!) They finished with Purple Rain, Another Brick In The Wall and a Whole Lotta Love. Wow!

Then we had a ‘welcome’ Jerome Alpine dinner at my place with Jerome, Jean Marc, Henry, Chris, Thomas, Andreas and I. What a night!

Skiing news will follow as it’s 6:55 AM.

After a great evening all the team headed up to the Fornet today. Pictures tell the story although I forgot to enhance them.

I’ve a Pilates class shortly followed by Karen and Andreas at the Danois. See you there!