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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Night!!!

I’m off today as I was going to do a ‘skinning’ and ‘kick-turn’ lesson but poor Phil broke his wrist yesterday afternoon! Chris was the only one on the mountain today and he ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup with Corrina, Suzanne and Louise had they had a great ski and finished early as they’d had the best of the day. Chris reports extremely warm temperatures and the snow was wet enough that he thinks it will turn to spring on certain exposures as soon as it freezes.

I’ve run out of superlatives to describe Karen and Andreas’ gigs! Last night’s was brilliant again and it’s incredible how they keep raising the bar. They’ve settled in beautifully together and are bouncing off one another and even when they make a mistake they smile through it and react positively without any sign of panic. (Andreas has a lot to keep track of on their looping tunes and it can be rather complicated!) There was an excellent Alpine presence last night and Simon brought his lovely wife Angie for her first trip to the Danois while Adam brought his 8-year-old son Leo for his first-ever experience of live music. Leo arrived home and announced to his Mum that “the band was so loud it could have woken the dead!” but Leo looked to me like he’d thoroughly enjoyed himself! (And I’m looking forward to taking Leo some off-piste spring snow later in the season!) Thanks to all the Alpine clients who came along and it was great to see Thomas there chatting away and strutting his stuff on the dance floor. And Ness asked me if I had any requests for her Easter gig so I’m sending along one of my favourites. Thanks Ness!!!

It was Jean’s birthday a couple of days ago so Happy Belated Birthday Jean and I hope your knee heals itself soon. (Jean twigged his knee last week and may be out for 3 weeks or so)

I’m off to the gym to stretch before checking out an outstanding afternoon of sports. Come on you Hammers!