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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A Pays Desert!!!

Henry and I were on the same wavelength today so we worked together again for the second day in a row. We did three short ‘skins’ in the Pays Desert and it was superb top-to-bottom. I can’t remember the last time I skied it in such pristine condition and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

I had Iain, Murray and Richard all needing to get to the airport this afternoon so after the Pays Desert I called it a morning and made it home by 12:50. It was too good to spoil by looking for last-minute fillers. It’s the first time I’ve been home early in a couple of weeks as it’s been between 1:30 and 2 o’clock, and it’s amazing how much I’ve got done. Blog and photos are up by 2:05 and it gives me time to get organised for my 3 o’clock Pilates class.

Andreas had some Viking gentlemen who hadn’t ‘skinned’ before so he took them to Mont Roup for a fantastic introduction. I’m not too sure what Jerome and Chris skied and Thomas is off to Germany in search of another VW.

Karen and Andreas will be at the Danois starting at about 5:30 so don’t miss it if you’re in town. It’s still my favourite 2 hours of the week and I’m really looking forward to it! See you there and stay tuned!

PS I had some wonderful news last night as my Titre de Sejour has finally been validated and is ready to be picked up in Chambery!!!