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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A Plan ‘B’!!!

Chris, TJ and I had a plan this morning but changed our minds at the last possible moment as our intended target was under heavy dark skies so we circled back around and headed towards the only bit of sunshine around. We were rewarded with great visibility almost all morning long, with excellent ambience and fantastic snow and I can’t imagine our original plan would have worked out any better. It had to be without a doubt one of the best ‘Plan B’ mornings of the season! Meanwhile Thomas was entertaining ‘Team Gary’ and they had a brilliant morning as well and all the teams worked pretty hard for their turns this morning. (See photos)

I’ve had a complication with my drug delivery and still need someone to bring out my last batch sometime before or on February 3rd. They need to be kept cool and placed in a cool-bag of some sort as they need to go into the hold as they’ll be confiscated otherwise. If anyone in the Guildford area can help it would be great appreciated!

If there is someone named Kevin who is planning on skiing with us from February 11th to the 14th could you please get in touch with Louise in the office to confirm your booking one way or the other. Thanks!

Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow so I’m sure we’ll revert back to today’s ‘Plan A’!!! Stay tuned!

PS And thank you Peter and Tilly for a great meal last night!!!